Why TS Woman Is Worth Becoming Your New Girlfriend?

Your first reaction, when someone told you to look for a transsexual girlfriend will be, ‘it’s not for me’. Unfortunately, you are being judgmental just like society has been for centuries. The transgender community has been regarded as a social stigma but straight guys have been enjoying sex with them behind closed doors from ancient times.

Soft and feminine

Time has changed and in this digital era, you can see demand for trans escort escalating. There are dating sites and forums specially designed for the TS community. Several men desire to have TS as their new girlfriend. They prefer transsexual females because of their femininity and guys can relate to them in a better way.

TS has struggled with discrimination situations strongly because of her feminine qualities, which enhance their incredibility even more. They are lovely and soft without any hint of a guy in drag.

Great physical experience 

Guys who are in a relationship with TS have admitted that their physical experience was beyond their expectations. Just like other relationships, private discussion regarding intimacy needs to be prioritized. Sexual chemistry includes what is right for both because preferences differ. Therefore, some couples take steps slowly as they initiate all options.

Even TS women are no different than genetic females, so they appreciate the same kind of treatment. The only difference is TS was born with the wrong body. Genetic females are born with XX-chromosomes, while males with XY. The transsexual community has a mix of these. Testosterone fuels sex drive but genetic women produce just 10% testosterone than males. Therefore, it is a fact that the transsexual community produces more testosterone than females at birth.

Transsexuals don’t wish to be treated differently

Transsexuals are like any other women including your mother, sister, grandmother, and ex-girlfriend. They come in all types, shapes, and sizes but are women, so everyone needs to treat them with care and respect. They are no different than any other genetic females in terms of inappropriate behavior, comments, and backhanded compliments.

A TS girlfriend will never expect you to treat her differently. She is as sensitive as a regular female. The difference you will notice is that she understands men much better as they are transgender [know both masculinity and femininity issues].

Understand the stress of a Transgender

Transgender women are combating some challenging physical characteristics. They are making a lot of effort in undergoing a transition. Changing a body to match a mind is a lengthy process. It usually, starts with HRT [hormone treatment therapy], which helps to smoothen and soften her skin as well as reshape and feminize her body. Some even work in softening their voice.

A few need electrolysis to eliminate undesired body and facial hair, which is a painful process. Sometimes hormones don’t work, so breast implants are chosen, whereas several undergo sex orientation surgery to create a functional vagina. Surgery is expensive, so many lives like a normal female without any concerns about her physical organs.

Transgender find it hard to find acceptance in the society. Therefore many TS women live a ‘stealth’ life…..no one at work or socially know their medical history and personal situation.

Some guys are apprehended if they get attracted to TS. Remember, not to let fear, ego, and misinformation pass the opportunity of obtaining a genuine new girlfriend. She may be the one you would WANT to live with for the rest of your life.

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