Tips to Plan A Surprise Party Cruise on Sydney Harbor

Sparkling blue waters, hidden beaches, charming islands, iconic tourist attractions, botanical gardens, and pristine bushland are created to explore. Sydney Harbor has all of these! If you are planning a surprise birthday or anniversary celebration on Sydney Harbor, it can be exciting and fun. You can even plan a romantic sail on a cruise ship.

Why Sydney Harbor cruise and not a ferry?

Sydney Harbour cruises are worth the cost because of many reasons when compared to public ferries.

  • Travel at a slow pace, so you can capture awesome photographs
  • More space on the deck, so better views can be enjoyed.
  • The commentary defines the historical background of the sites you pass.
  • Cover the same ground a couple of times, so you get a chance to look at the city well.
  • Average cruising time lasts for 1 to 3 hours, while a ferry ride will last for half an hour.
  • You are spoilt for options with all kinds of activities, which can make your celebration extra special.

There are varieties of cruises available including lunch cruises, dinner cruises, sightseeing cruises, afternoon tea cruises, etc. As you are planning a surprise party to celebrate there are party cruises you can opt for.

Surprise party checklist

To enjoy a great party on Sydney Harbor, below are some tips to follow.

Determine the harbor location

Decide the harbor location, you wish to celebrate the party. If your budget allows, a party can be thrown at a hotel near the harbor. Guests can enjoy the striking sunset view across the blue waters, while they enjoy the wine.

Another alternative is to opt for a restaurant on the harbor but celebration on a party cruise is a great option. It will be a unique celebration than usual, which your friends and family attend.

Advance party cruise booking

Any harbor location you opt for, booking is essential. As soon as, you fix a date and time book the cruise. As you are booking a surprise party cruise, you have to be very careful, especially when your party is planned for a weekend.

Party cruises are weekend choices, so to avoid ‘not available’ notice it is best to book early and not wait till the end. Choose reputable charter services like It ensures that your party cruise celebration goes as planned. Make sure that you determine the number of guests, so you can choose the right boat size for the party.

Determine the schedule

As a surprise party is being planned, you need to be firm on schedules. Or else, the surprise factor gets ruined. Party cruise booking means the schedule has to be adhered to strictly. So many things are needed to be done and no one will desire to miss any out. So, request the guests to reach on time.

Determine the menu

For a celebration, an on-board buffet or live BBQ is a great idea. Determine what you want to be served and how much quantity is necessary for the guests. The charter services have a catering team that serves a variety of meals and even an extensive collection of drinks revealed in their menu. Enjoy quality services and enjoy the surprise party cruise!

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