5 Ways to Make Your Home Bathrooms More Practical

Beautiful bathrooms make your home feel more luxurious and comfortable. But practical bathrooms accommodate all of your hygienic needs. No matter how good it looks, an impractical bathroom can make you feel cramped or even frustrated. It’s important to start and end your day in a place that makes you happy. Here are 5 tips to make your bathrooms more practical. Bathroom remodel contractors can help make these goals a reality.

Improve Storage

It’s important to have ample storage to put away your less…attractive bathroom supplies. Storage is about protecting your privacy. But it’s also about keeping your bathroom neat. Make sure that you have storage space for linens, hygienic products, and even extra decorative goods like candles and lotions. You may need to invest in a bathroom remodel to add storage space without sacrificing foot traffic space.

Upgrade Countertops

Good countertops can handle the rigors of your everyday tasks. Sadly, many bathrooms are built with countertops that are water and heat-sensitive. Upgrade to materials that don’t just look beautiful but stand up to everything that goes on your countertops. You can even use this surface material as backsplash on your walls.

Add a Vanity

One of the best bathroom remodel tasks is adding a second vanity to your master or en suite bath. Partners should have separate sinks, storage compartments, and mirrors to handle their separate needs. This can help prevent crowding and arguments. A second vanity can also add visual balance to your bathroom.

Bath or Shower?

Which do you prefer? Build your bathroom to accommodate your favorite method of getting clean, whether that includes a freestanding porcelain tub or a spacious walk-in shower. Most people prefer one or the other. Some people even prefer to install both. Showers are great for saving time while a long soak in a bath is a great weeknight or weekend activity.

Include the Latest Technology

Give your bathroom all of the perks that the latest technology has to offer, including bluetooth speakers, massaging showerheads, self-cleaning toilets, and water-saving sink sensors. Technology can help you get ready with ease and wind down at the end of the day comfortably. Technology can also help save you time on rudimentary cleaning tasks.

If you’re ready to make your home bathrooms more practical and enjoyable than ever, contact a bathroom remodel expert near you. A great bathroom remodel in Orange County can make your entire home feel more luxurious and stylish.

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