Self Publishing and Printing

More and more writers are taking advantage of the extremely accessible self-publishing industry and it comes as no surprise. The publishing industry can have a lot of gatekeepers that come in the form of agents that weed out certain stories according to current trends. When looking into self-publishing it is important that writers understand the details about book printing and designing as well.


The first step of publishing your own book is, of course, writing the book. It is important to make sure that the writing is polished, so that typos and other inaccuracies are not distracting to any potential readers. Actually publishing your story can differ based on the self-publishing platform. Some offer writers the option to print their books with the publisher, while others may just serve as a selling platform for the writer.

Printing and Designing

The print and design of the book is arguably the most important aspect of publishing. No matter what the old saying is, people do judge books by their covers. The cover of a book is what initially catches the reader’s attention. The cover design should be attention grabbing while remaining relevant to the story. It does not have to depict a major character or event that exists in the book, but doing so gives readers a glimpse into what the book is about. The quality of the book itself is important as well. If you choose a self-publisher that does book printing in addition to publishing, it is a good idea to see if you can obtain a few books that they have printed. It would even be best to spend a couple of dollars to purchase these books as a normal consumer would. Purchasing the books yourself means that your experience will be similar to that of your potential readers.

If you are looking into finding a different book printing service, it is still a good idea to get a hold of some of their samples. Additionally, it would be good to find out if the printer can fulfill both softcover and hardcover book printing. The weight and feel of the book itself is important. Though readers are not likely to be overly concerned with how a book feels in their hands, it is still a factor that publishers should take into consideration. The experience begins when the reader picks up with book, so it should be an enjoyable.

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