Everything You Want to Learn About Working and Effectiveness of KN95 Masks

Corona Virus is spreading at a rapid rate in almost all countries throughout the globe. Till date, the disease has spread in over 180 nations in the world including Italy, Spain, United states of America, India, etc. It happens due to low levels of immunity power in the person.

This is a very dangerous disease that multiples rapidly and has the potential to infect anybody. KN95 Masks are one of the most beneficial protective aids that can assist in preventing the transmission of the disease between people.

What is the utility of the KN95 Mask?

The world is facing the most dangerous issue today and i.e., “Coronavirus”. Though the government is putting in a lot of effort to recover from this problem, it is very important on everyone’s part to make efforts to safeguard themselves from the virus.

Having proved their efficacy in protecting against the virus, these masks have been approved and recommended by the government for each person to protect himself from the deadly attack of the virus.

People who have low immunity especially elderly people and children must use this mask as they are more susceptible to catching viruses. Due to increased demand and less supply of these masks, many people have self-quarantined themselves.

Founded in 1991, Custom Promo Earth has been providing environmentally safe products to people. It is the most trusted place to buy KN95 masks. These masks offer the best level of protection to its wearers from air pollution and also deadly disease “Coronavirus”.

How is KN95 Mask Beneficial for people?

KN95 Mask is a specially designed mask that is made for use by any person whether male or female young or old. This mask fits well on your nose and mouth and offers enhanced protection from air and harmful particles in the surroundings.

  • This mask fits properly on your nose and mouth.
  • It has four layers of facilities by which you can obtain fresh, and clean air
  • As these masks are washable, you can use as well as wash these masks
  • When you wear this mask, it keeps you away from allergies, viruses, dust, and pollution
  • KN95 mask is designed to be very light in weight. You would not feel any heaviness on the mouth
  • This mask is specifically designed to combat against “Corona Virus”

What is the right way to use the KN95 mask?

It is very simple to use the KN95 mask. All you need is to wash your hand before using it. Wear it on the nose and mouth and go out freely anywhere. You should rest assured that you are protected. After coming home, you should wash it thoroughly with clean water, and place it at a clean place. You should wash it after every eight hours of use.


KN95 is a different mask than all the other masks available. With their four levels of preventive action, they are very impactful for safeguarding people against pollution, and coronavirus in people. If you aim to shield yourself against pollution and virus and breathe pure air comfortably, then these are the ideal masks that will help in accomplishing your objective.

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