Ways to Stay at the Front of Your Clients’ Minds

When it comes to your customers you don’t want to be out of sight and out of mind. Here are ways to stay connected with your clientele.


One of the first ways to stay relevant to your customers is to stay relevant in general. Maintain your social media and websites well so they are current, and the information on them is correct. While you don’t have to post something on a Facebook page every day, you should schedule an update for at least once per week. You can pick a day and then write and schedule your posts for the entire month at once. This way your page can stay current, and you don’t have to make a weekly commitment to it.

Next, there is the option to advertise. You can do this through electronic means (social media, web banner ads) or the more traditional routes like newspapers, billboards, etc. Another idea is to partner with other local businesses and use custom wall calendar printing to promote your brand and the rest of the community.


Who doesn’t like free stuff? Giving out helpful promotional materials like calendars, matchbooks, magnets, key chains, flashlights, ear buds, pens, etc. Are all great ways to keep your business on the front of your customers’ minds. As they use the item each day they will be reminded of you, and adding your website and phone number on them helps them have an instant access to your contact information. People may throw away a business card, but keep a pen. You can find promotional printing and calendar printing at excellent prices, and could easily see a return on your investment.

Another option is to give them a free sample of your products if they are established customers. This could be paired with a busy holiday season, so they have an incentive to shop with you rather than someone else.


Your customers have chosen to work with you for a reason, whether it’s an affinity for your brand, your products, your customer service, or all of the above. You can offer them a “thank-you” gift, a special VIP discount, an exclusive pricing club for your “Gold Level” members, etc. There are many ways to make them feel special and appreciated in a personal way.

You could use calendar printing to give them a token of appreciation, or send them a coupon to use on their birthday. Pay attention to what is working well with your customers and go in that direction. If your customers like free samples, offer these, if they prefer discounts, find a profitable way to incorporate them. By keeping your customers on the front of your mind they will undoubtedly begin to think of your business more often as well.

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