Using Pole Lights to Get Bright Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is important for any interiors or a confined space like your house or a shop. However, when it comes to an exterior space or an open area, hardly anyone thinks about its lighting, unless and until one feel lack of it or when someone is forced to work in an ill-lit outdoor area. 

Be it the pavement, a parking lot or the roads or any common outdoor amenity like your apartment’s corridor, outdoor pole light usually lights up the space brightly. This is an important aspect of the planning and designing of these spaces. 

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Benefits of using the best and bright outdoor lighting 

  • Safety – The first and foremost benefit of having a great outdoor lighting is safety. The very purpose of having an outdoor lighting is being safe and aware of your surroundings in case of the common corridors, parking lots etc. In case of roads, everyone knows how important lights are. 
  • Reduces Crimes – People who roam at night like people returning from night shifts, students returning back after night studies or walking back after night out are all subject to the risk of violence and crime. 

If the lightings are not proper and insufficient people feel very uncomfortable. Well-lit areas are known to reduce the chances of crime.

  • Economic benefits – A landmark or location which is bright and decorated with lights tends to become a pride of that place. For example, the bay lights of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. This tends to attract more tourists and thereby increasing the revenue by tourism. 

Besides when you create illuminated landmarks like towers, bridges, statues, fountains or sculptures on the public roads, it is easier for the tourists to identify a geographic location. 

  • Better accessibility – When an exterior space is better lit it makes the place easy to access and use more efficiently when compared to when the same place is dark or poorly lit. 
  • Beautification – This benefit of the exterior lightning is last but not the least. The lights you use on the exterior of a building, monument or an apartment tower add up to their beauty and attraction. 

The architectural designer of such buildings definitely uses the advantage of the light to make an impression on the viewers, thereby creating a great night life of the city or the place. 

I hope this article has emphasized on the need for bright outdoor lighting. Lighting is one of the important aspects to be considered while planning your exteriors as it enhances the look of the building.

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