Fool-proof Way to Safely Deal with Blind Spots While Driving

The occurrence of car accidents has gone up. Every year over 800,000 accidents are caused when people don’t pay attention to blind spots out of which 300 result in deaths. Every driver should follow safe driving practices to stay safe behind the wheels. Set the foundation of your driving skills right by enrolling to a driving course when you reach the eligible age.

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Paying attention to blind spots:

There are some driving skills you learn with constant practice and a professional trainer will guide you in mastering it. A lot of accidents occur when people don’t pay enough attention to blind spots. When you are driving you should be mindful of all the other vehicles near your vehicle.

The rear-view mirror helps to see vehicles in the front while the side view mirrors help us to see the vehicles on either side. When a vehicle passes in an area that can’t be caught in mirrors, it may be tricky. Some may not notice the passing vehicle and attempt to switch lanes which would lead to crashes.

The only way you can see a vehicle passing in the blind spot area is by turning your head while driving which isn’t obviously a good practice. Follow these to avoid the risk of accidents that occur due to blind spots.

Mirror checks: Before you start to drive:

  • Position the rear-view mirror in a way you’ll be able to see the cars behind
  • Sit in the normal driving position and position the driver’s side mirrors in such a way your car’s bodywork aren’t visible
  • When your head is in the car’s centre, position the passenger side view mirror in a way you can see the side of your vehicle. When you are in seated in the driving position, you shouldn’t be able to see your car’s bodywork.

Be aware of the blind spot area:

No matter how good you position the mirrors, there would still be a blind spot. If you know the exact spot of blind spot, it will help you during switching lanes. Drive along and focus on a car behind you on the rare view mirror. Let it pass along your side. Check at which spot the car disappears from your view and see how long it takes to come back into view.

You can expect a couple of seconds max for the car to come back in view. Repeat this a couple more times and you’ll get an idea of how long another car would take to pass your blind spot. You can wait for those couple of seconds before pulling out of the lane.

Make sure you don’t linger in another car’s blind spot when you are attempting to switch lanes. These simple tips would help you eliminate the accidents that could occur due to blind spots.

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