Never Let a Bad Camera Hinder Your Inspection Projects with These Quick Fixes

If you work in a pipeline construction company, then you might know the importance of cameras in your line of work. Contractors and construction work need to regularly inspect sewer and pipeline for defects and require inspection cameras that can help them view encased or hard to reach pipelines.

Why you can Have a Bad Day with Your Inspection Camera

All devices are not perfect. One day your inspection camera is showing your perfect images of broken pipes and clog sources and the next day shows up a blank screen. It can be quite frustrating when you are working hours out into the sun.

If your sewer camera is old and gives up on you, you can always purchase a well equipped and high-quality camera from stores such as USA Borescopes, headquartered at Clarksville, TN. There a global supplier of different types of visual and inspection equipment. On their website, you will find a wide variety of pipe inspection cameras with the latest features making it easier for you to inspect and fix the issue.

Some of the common issues that you might face with your camera are:

  • Push rod problems, a result of shoving the push rod quickly into the sewer pipe
  • Camera getting entangled in roots of plants, making it difficult to retrieve the camera, resulting in damage
  • Rough handling or misuse can also take a toll on your camera head
  • Blank images on the screen
  • Water getting under the camera lens, thereby blurring images
  • Problem with broken cable wires

Fixing your pipe inspection camera can cost you a fortune. Bear in mind that these are not normal cameras and getting them repaired is a complex task.

Addressing the Minor Issues and Fixing Them without Professional Help

Now, if you face a minor hiccup with your pipe inspection camera that does that you immediately discard them. Minor issues can be resolved without any professional help.

When you insert the push rod into the sewer, ensure that you are close to the entrance, with your hands as low as possible into the sewer. Do not stand and try shoving the camera into the sewer. Do not jerk or make quick movements to maneuver the camera into the pipeline. Be patient and slowly work your way around the pipeline.

Now, before you insert your precious camera into the pipeline, ensure that no obstacles are blocking your path. If your camera gets entangled, then slowly try pushing your camera back and forth until it is free.

In case of blank images on your camera, detach the camera head and attach it to a cable port on your monitor. If you can see the images, then the problem might be a loose or broken cable or reel. Broken cable wires can be cut and rejoined using a metal splice chamber.

Blurry images on your camera can be due to moisture inside your lens. You can disassemble your camera and gently dry the lens.


Regular cleaning and maintenance of your pipe inspection camera can prevent it from wear and tear. Ensure that you put your camera back in its box after use away from any sharp or hazardous objects.

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