How to define your personal style #1: Basics

Welcome to a new, weekly appearing topic on Style by Jules: “How to define your personal style.“ I’ve been brainstorming about ways to add more personality to my blog. Besides that, I always like reading posts on other blogs that share practical information. So, I’ve come up with this new section, in which I will provide you with easy tips & tricks on how to define your personal style. Today’s subject? Basics!

When it comes to creating or defining your personal style, it is inevitable to start from the bottom. It’s all about basics, baby! Basics can literally be seen as the foundation your wardrobe content is built from. Therefore, it’s important that you pick these items wisely. Hopefully the following tips will help you find your personal key items.

[1] Raid your closet

What basics can already be found hiding in your closet? Gather them and spread them out somewhere, on your bed for instance. Have a good look and think about why you consider them basics.

[2] Do you actually wear them?

After you’ve carefully decided on your basics, it’s time to ask yourself the big Question. Do you really wear them all? Perhaps you could divide them into piles: one for stuff you do wear and one for the things that don’t get much wear. Put away the last pile for a while and see if you miss any of them. If you don’t, leave them out permanently.

[3] Don’t be fooled by “must have” basics

Basics can be different for everyone really, that’s the reason you have to start by looking at your own wardrobe. Every now and then you’ll come across an article that sums up some investment pieces everyone should have, but don’t solely rely on those. What basics work for you is really a personal matter.

[4] Basics should be timeless

If you’re planning on buying some new basics make sure they’re timeless and will last quite a while. Always go for quality above quantity. Sunglasses are a great example of this, where false economy abounds. My beautiful Cutler and Gross sunglasses have outlasted 10 pairs of cheap ones!

[5] Underline your best assets

Basics are a great way to underline your best assets. If you have an hourglass figure, you could try investing in basic pencil skirts that will show off your figure brilliantly. But in the first place, choose basics that you like and feel totally comfortable in. Otherwise, they will end up in pile number two and that would be a waste.

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