Helpful Tips to Avoid Common Online Marketing Mistakes

Humans make errors, but the important thing is to learn from these mistakes and avoid them from occurring again. Some of the common online marketing mistakes people make can be avoided. It can apply to any type of digital marketing strategy like SEO, inbound, outbound, e-mail, social, or PPC. However, if you are struggling with online marketing mistakes, it is not late to correct the wrong.

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Helpful tips to avoid common online marketing mistakes

Unrealistic expectations

Assuming that your online enterprise will start generating results instantly is an unrealistic goal. Overestimating user engagement will twist your expectations. Marketing needs substantial time, effort, and money investment. You cannot gain success with tricks and shortcuts.

Set short and achievable long-term marketing goals. Everyone in the marketing team must understand the goals. Communication needs to be clear so that everyone’s effort will work in sync towards attaining the established goals.

Targeting everyone

You are targeting everyone with a computer, smartphone, or Wi-Fi. You need to narrow the target market. Just looking at the number of visitors and feeling happy is not sufficient. You need the right kind of traffic.

Right traffic means the ones that made purchases and you earned revenue. Demographic parameters and buyer’s personas need to be considered.

Ignoring abandoned carts

E-commerce sites need to seriously consider why customers abandon their shopping carts without checkout. Abandonment reasons can be many like extra shipping costs, the site crashed, site wanted users to create an account, complicated checkout process, etc.

Evaluate the reasons and resolve it. Send reminder emails to customers, who abandoned the carts. These customers are a single click away from closing a sale.

Not measuring ROI

Without computing ROI, you may possibly throw money on unnecessary online marketing strategies. Measuring ROI allows knowing the effectiveness of your specific marketing strategies. It helps to adjust or stick to what works and abandon that doesn’t.

Not using CTA

If your ad is interesting but has no strong call-to-action, then it is useless. For example,

  • ‘New customers get rewarded with a 5% discount’.
  • ‘Visit this link [your website] before midnight on Sunday to enjoy a 15% off on selected products and free shipping on every purchase’.

Which of the about two CTA sounds enticing? The first one is poor CTA, but the second one is more appealing as it gives customers a reason to visit your site along with a deadline. Use better CTA to separate your business from the crowd.

Focus on gaining customer but not retaining

Customer gaining is important but it is also necessary to grow a loyal customer base. Acquiring a new customer is 6X more costly than managing the existing ones. Allocate a specific budget amount for customer retention. Existing customers possibly shop more frequently on your website and spend more than new ones.

Avoiding website promotion

Having a fabulous website created is not sufficient. You need to drive customers with proper SEO and a variety of online marketing techniques. Without marketing your website there are no leads, no customers, and no sales. Earning revenue from your digital office will be impossible.

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