Some of The Most Common Speech Disorders in Adults

Communication is nothing but a way of passing on information from one place, one person or a group to another. On one hand, it helps people to express their ideas, feelings etc. However, on the other hand, it helps to understand the emotion and thoughts of others. So, we know how important it is in a person’s life without which we are incapacitated.

Imagine how frustrating it would be if we can’t express ourselves because of the loss of power of speech. There are people who got these problems like stuttering, dysarthria and many more. Such people fail to impart even the simplest ideas, which in turn can lead them to social isolation and depression.

Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) are one such highly trained professionals who can help people with such speech disorders. They specialise in treating speech problems in both children and adults. There is a pathology on Canberra street, Australia who help people with such disorders. They are named as Eastside Speech Solutions, who can provide solutions like Adult speech therapy, therapies for pre-schoolers, toddlers and children and many more.

Let us look at such common problems in adults:

  1. Stuttering: Stuttering is said to be genetic which can be transferred if anyone at home got the same stuttering problem. It starts in your childhood and can go on for life. SPL work on such patients by starting to control their speech rate and monitor breathing. With practice, the speech will improve over time.
  2. Dysarthria: Dysarthria is a disorder in which the muscles that helps to produce speech are damaged, paralysed or weakened. This is caused when the speech muscles are weak, due to brain damage. For this, the SPL will help you slow down your speech
  3. Voice: Voice disorders means having problem with the pitch, volume, tone and other qualities of your voice. This occurs when your vocal cord does not vibrate properly making it difficult to speak normally. For this, SLP can use techniques like voice therapy and vocal hygiene.
  4. Apraxia: It is said to be a poorly understood neurological condition. People with this condition find it difficult to make any movement even when they have understood the instruction. This is also caused due to brain damage. Here the SLP will work with you to make mouth movements repeatedly. This is to ensure retraining of your speech muscles.
  5. Aphasia: This affects your ability to speak both verbally and written. This occurs again due to brain injury or sometime grow with growing tumor in the brain. Here too the main treatment is speech therapy. At times they make you communicate through gestures, drawing pictures or by using computers.

Speech therapies have become one of the best ways to treat any kind of speech disorders. An SLP is a specialist having a master’s degree and they help by doing proper diagnosis and treatment of these speech disorders. If any of you have your loved ones with such problems, kindly contact these speech therapists immediately who can help you with these difficulties.

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