Early Childhood Education – Why Is It So Important?

Every encounter a young kid experiences in the form of sound, smell, taste, feel, is a learning opportunity. Research has proved that preschool education is best to develop the kid’s social, physical, and psychological skills. It helps them prep for primary school. If you are still skeptical about early childhood education for your child below […]

Impact of Child Care on Young Children’s Growth and Development

Care during early days of childhood plays a vital role in the growth and development of a child. These days, the number of kids placed in childcare settings is increasing immensely. Many parents are opting for childcare programs because of their maternal employment and other reasons. Choosing a childcare quality childcare program is very important […]

Early Child Education Origin and Emerging Trends

Early childhood education is the building block of young minds. It prepares them for their futuristic academic phase. There is an evolution in the perception of ECS. Today, majority of parents are aware of its importance in stimulating and motivating young minds. For more information visit this link – https://www.tqee.org/early-education/. What’s the origin of ECS? ECS […]