How does PIP feel when Joe is coming to visit?

Pip is snooty, condescending, and unloving toward Joe. Joe is not treated kindly by Pip and does not stay long. Before leaving, he tells Pip that he will not return to London to visit Pip, but asks Pip to come to the forge to visit Joe and Biddy where they are most at home and most comfortable.

Pip always treated Joe as “no more than (his) equal”, from which we can infer that they both share the same amount of power. The repetition of the adjective “equal” shows the equality between Pip and Joe.

Similarly, what is PIP embarrassed for Joe to see? He is embarrassed for Joe to see how much he has changed and his new expensive lifestyle. He doesn’t want Drummle to see him. He tells Pip that they can meet privately, but they are never meant to be together.

Also question is, what is Joe’s purpose in coming to London to see Pip?

Joe comes to visit Pip in London. Because Pip worries that Joe will disapprove of his opulent lifestyle and that Drummle will look down on him because of Joe, Joe’s visit is strained and awkward. He tries to tell Pip the news from home: Wopsle, for instance, has become an actor.

Why does Pip decide not to visit Joe?

Pip decides not to visit Joe even though he is in his home town because Estella talked about how he shouldn’t associate with his old life anymore.

Why was Pip ashamed of Joe?

Pip is ashamed of Joe, more so because he can see in Estella’s eyes the mischievous glimmer of condescension.

How did pip get even with orlick?

To get even with Orlick, Pip informs Jaggers about his untrustworthy nature and gets Orlick sacked from his post as guardsman at Satis House. Trabb’s boy mocking Pip is actually extremely funny because it is so disrespectful. Pip admits that he ignores the tradespeople in the street.

What is the relationship between Joe and Pip?

Joe Gargery is, of course, Pip’s brother-in-law because he is married to Pip’s sister. He is also, officially, Pip’s master because Pip is apprenticed to him. On an unofficial level, their relationship is not really a master-apprentice relationship or an older relative-younder relative one.

How is pip immature?

As a character, Pip’s two most important traits are his immature, romantic idealism and his innately good conscience. On the one hand, Pip has a deep desire to improve himself and attain any possible advancement, whether educational, moral, or social.

Where does Pip get his education?

Pip received most of his education at the house of Mr. Wopsle’s great aunt. Typically, the great aunt gives the lessons.

Who married Estella?


What happens when Mrs Joe attacks?

When Pip and Joe return from the town they find Mrs Joe has been attacked. She becomes disabled as a result of this assault. Biddy suspects her attacker is Orlick because Mrs Joe draws a hammer which she associates with Orlick.

How does Mrs Joe affect PIP?

Mrs. Joe, Pip’s sister, is a minor but important character in Great Expectations. She is a mother figure to Pip, having raised him from infancy. She is an unattractive woman with a personality to match, as she spends much of the beginning of the novel abusing both Pip and her husband Joe and going on angry rampages.

How does PIP feel about Mrs Joe’s death?

Pip feels terribly guilty for his snobbish treatment of Joe and Biddy, and he feels as though his degenerate lifestyle has been a bad influence on Herbert. The two young men catalog their debts, but they are interrupted by a letter carrying the news that Mrs. Joe has died.

Why does Miss Havisham want PIP?

The first answer is the reason that Miss Havisham actually gives at the time that she invites Pip. What she says is that she wants someone to keep Estella company — someone young to play with her.

Who gives Pip the money in Great Expectations?

Mrs. Joe dies, and Pip goes home for the funeral, feeling tremendous grief and remorse. Several years go by, until one night a familiar figure barges into Pip’s room—the convict, Magwitch, who stuns Pip by announcing that he, not Miss Havisham, is the source of Pip’s fortune.

How does PIP feel upon his arrival in London?

When Pip first arrives in London in hopes of realizing his “great expectations,” he is certainly taken aback by the realities which he encounters. Having been derogated as being “coarse” and “common” by Estella, Pip expects to find an impressive and sophisticated city.

What does Pip ask Biddy to do for Joe?

Pip asks Biddy to help Joe improve his manners. She tells him that he is too proud for this, and that he does not have any desire to rise in station. Pip assumes that she is jealous. Biddy assures Pip that she will always care for him regardless of his opinion of her.

How does pip change in Great Expectations?

Throughout the novel, Great Expectations, the character, Pip gradually changes from a kind and humble character to a character that is bitter, then snobbish and finally evolves into the kind and loving character which he was at the beginning of the story. She does this by using her daughter, Estella to torment Pip.